LEARN was founded to make education available to girls in Afghanistan who don’t have access to schools, and to provide access to technological education through community schools in underserved and impoverished areas. Today’s LEARN’s work is even more than necessary when the Taliban has discouraged girls education.


We are empowering girls through freelance education. LEARN focuses on educating girls in STEM subjects that includes, Bio, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. This helps girls in the long run to think about becoming a scientist, teacher, midwife and or a Doctor.

LEARN providing education to its students trough technology


LEARN offers free online courses for Grade 1 to 12 accessible in Pashto and Dari . Since its inception in 2018, LEARN provided resources, professional training, mentoring, and access to technology to more than 7,000 Afghan children and teenagers, as well as classes and lesson plans for subjects as wide-ranging as biophysics, chemistry, graphic design, website development, and coding. The organization has also developed tools that enable students to learn outside of school, including an app that lets them access games, books, and videos whqen they can connect to the internet and continue their lessons later, offline. 

Humanitarian Assistance

Afghanistan ranks 103rd out of 113 countries in the world hunger index. In addition to providing education to girls, LEARN also organizes meal programs for mothers and infants, and has schools in Takhar, Helmand, Faryab, Mazar,Kandahar, Kabul and Bamyan.  LEARN organizes different workshops to raise awareness regarding education of girls in Afghanistan. We continue to do our work despite the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan


Under LEARN girls are also trained in menstrual hygiene management so that they can continue to go to school during menstruation, which is a really important intervention. LEARN also provides maternal healthcare assistance to mother who have recently given birth.